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On June 10, 2022, Verizon’s Small Business Essentials (formerly Yahoo Small Business) was acquired by Infinite Computer Solutions. It is being rebranded as Turbify.

Yahoo / Verizon Small Business is now Turbify.

Yahoo domains need to be changed to Turbify domains.

If your store is customized, you'll need to manually make some changes by April 25, 2023.

While the "small business" has been dropped from the name, rest assured that Small Business is still a primary focus. Turbify has a refreshing customer-centric business model that is focusing on improving the existing technology and meeting merchant's needs.

As part of the transition and rebranding to Turbify, the team has been hard at work moving away from all Yahoo assets and properties. The next step is to move away from all Yahoo-owned domains.

The Turbify team will automatically update any references they can from their end. However, any Yahoo Stores that have been customized by the owners or developers will need to make some manual changes.

Things Store Owners Need to Do

Decide if you want to update your store yourself or hire a developer.

Turbify will provide a full list of the URLs that need to be changed. These URLs may exist in your RTML templates, CSS files, JavaScript files, variables, properties, or HTML.

Stay Informed!

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Did Your Turbify Store Go Down?

Turbify began the official migration away from Yahoo Small Business on April 25, 2023. If this affected your store in any way, we can help!

How Sequoia Can Help

Our team will personally search your store and your files for any references to the old URLs.

We will manually update all of your old URLs to the correct URLs.

Cost ranges from $300 - $450* based on how customized your store is.

Why do we manually update URLs instead of using code?

Using an RTML template that will filter your code and replace instances of the old URLs with the new URLs on the fly is a dynamic change instead of a permanent one. This means the template runs each time your page is generated. That can affect your store editor speed and publish times.

Programmatically changing URLs with other methods can lead to redirects. Redirects can have an effect on your live site's page speed and rankings.

While it would make our job easier to use these methods, manually replacing your URLs with the correct ones is the best practice and what's best for your store performance.

Need Help Updating Your Store?

Get your store URLs updated by the experts at Sequoia.

Use this form to contact us, call us at 815-242-3493 or email us at sales@getreadyletsgrow.com.

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    With Sequoia you can rest assured that all your work will be done in-house by our friendly staff in LaSalle, IL each with over a decade of Yahoo Store experience. We look forward to working with you and providing you with personal service!

    - Brandee, Stephanie & Alan