About Sequoia

Who are we? We are a small business with a  passion to deliver monumental growth to your business.

We work hard to provide you the best quality marketing services

Get Ready Let's Grow! We strive to help small business grow, and not like weeds! We prefer to see slower, stable and sustainable growth that will root your business to be around for the next 100, 200, or even 3000 years. Well if a Sequoia tree can do it, why not?!

With our problem solving solutions, expertise, and dedication, we can help any business no matter what season they are in. 

How does your business measure up to a Sequoia Tree?

Life Longevity

The oldest Sequoia Tree is 3000 years old. How does that sound for your marketing lifeline?

Thick Skin

Sequoias bark at the base of the tree can be up to 2 ft thick. Now that's some serious protection! Make sure you take steps to keep your business stabilized. 

From Small Seeds

These giants have a humble beginning from one of the tiniest seeds. Don't be afraid to plant your marketing seeds, no matter how insignificant it might look. 

Keep Growing

These mammoth trees never stop growing until they die. Your business should never become stagnate, but always be in the growing season. 

Your Team

The sequoia starts with the tiniest seeds. Actually, we believe all good things start with humble beginnings. Our team may be small but we are mighty. With decades of experience, we are ready to take any size business, seedling or mature tree, to the next level. 

Brandee Bell

Brandee Bell

Marketing Manager / Original Planter

After many years of driving a company forward, Brandee is leveraging her experience & skills to be a grower of her own team. Brandee has a proven record of not only helping businesses thrive, but also building personal relationships with them. It's definitely a passion of Brandee's to see other's succeed! When not in the office, Brandee loves to get outdoors & travel.

Stephanie Rawson

Stephanie Rawson

Web Developer / Head Grower

Stephanie's green thumb secrets are her problem solving nature and natural curiosity. That's how she grew a department for a large e-commerce business from infancy into a flourishing division and continued to grow hundreds of small business as a web developer. Stephanie also likes to challenge her brain with video games and spend time with her loved ones.

Alan Shupp

Alan Shupp

Senior Programmer / Root Gardener

Alan is our resident programming guru. Fluent in many coding languages, there is rarely a problem that Alan can't solve. He is our go-to guide for building an optimized website from the ground up and is a whiz at coding custom features. Outside of work, Alan is a talent musician that can be found playing the local music scene.

We would love to meet you!

It's not uncommon to find us on the phone just learning more about their client's. We love to brainstorm & strive to solve problems. Communication is a priority around here!